Training & Consultancy

Training and Consultancy for parents, schools and more

Faith in Families specialises in delivering a range of Social Care, Leadership and Governance, People Management, and Interpersonal Skills training courses. Our training and consultancy packages are available to a wide range of industries, such as Schools, Local Authorities and Voluntary/Statutory Agencies.


‘This training confirmed what we already know, but sometimes forget. There can be no assumption or compromise in the safety of children’ – Team Manager, Local Authority


From conferences to one-to-one sessions, every package is tailor-made to suit your needs. Recent and current packages include:

Adoptive Parent courses: Education and Schools; Life Story Work; Contact and Social Networking; Therapeutic Parenting

Child Protection & Safeguarding Package for Schools:  Basic Awareness; Introduction to Safeguarding & Child Protection; Safeguarding & Child Protection for Governors; Safeguarding & Child Protection for Head Teachers / Principals; Designated Officer – Child Protection & Safeguarding

Additional Specialist Courses: The Teacher and the Traumatised Child; Introduction to Attachment and the school-aged child; Introduction to Cyber-bullying; The impact of trauma on child development; The effects of grief and loss on child development


Bespoke packages are also available so if you have a training need which you think we can help with, please get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

We pride ourselves in the quality and reach of our courses. We ensure that we offer you a pertinent, flexible, inclusive and cost effective service that meets your training needs and reflects our ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted rating.


‘An excellent combination of directive training and small group work’ – Local Authority Medical Adviser


Our network of highly qualified and experienced trainers use creative and innovative methods to ensure that the learning experience and outcomes are sustainable and enjoyable.

‘You kept my interest throughout the day – relevant and stimulating discussion’ – Manager, Voluntary Adoption Agency


If you would like to discuss your training needs please contact our Head of Professional Services, Laura Payne, by emailing or calling us on 0115 955 8811. We look forward to hearing from you!